'Last Ship' has star Inbar Lavi 'prepared and equipped' for pandemic

Israeli actress Inbar Lavi is everywhere lately from her roles on TNT’s “Last Ship” to her upcoming film starring beside Vin Diesel in “The Last Witch Hunter.” She chatted with FOX411 about working with “jolly teddy bear Vin Diesel” and how “Last Ship” has prepared her ... for the end times!

FOX411: Tell us about your film “The Last Witch Hunter.”

Inbar Lavi: It’s a very exciting picture let me tell you. It’s beautifully shot. It’s probably one of the most stunningly, beautifully shot film I’ve ever done. I’m very excited to be a part of it. We have a lot of great actors. We have the amazing Vin Diesel, Elijah Wood, and Michael Cane. “The Last Witch Hunter” follows an immortal witch hunter played by Vin Diesel and his job is to stop a plague from spreading and destroying the human race.

FOX411: What is it like working with Vin Diesel? He seems to always be singing when he’s not working. Did he ever serenade you?

Lavi: It was amazing. It was educational. He’s quite hands on. He’s also the producer on the film. He’s involved in every little detail in the production from the set to the costumes to the script to the props. Everything has to be just right and tell the story in the right way.  He’s never sung to me not that I recall. He’s a very happy person and it doesn’t surprise me. He’s jolly. He’s a real teddy bear deep down.

FOX411: “The Last Ship” is about life after a pandemic kills off most of the Earth’s population. Has working on the show made you fearful this could really happen?

Lavi: That’s a great question. No. No, it didn’t make me worry about a crazy pandemic breaking out. You know what if anything, if that were to happen the show has gotten me prepared and equipped to deal with that situation if that happens.

FOX411: You’ve been on popular shows like “Sons of Anarchy” but when was the moment you realized you were famous?

Lavi: Oh my goodness. I don’t really remember thinking or having a moment. I don’t have a specific moment, probably when there’s articles coming that you didn’t have anything to do it and that’s maybe when you feel fame has taken over a little part of your life.

FOX411: Your twitter bio line had me laughing.  “Don’t hate the player.  Change the game.” Explain.

Lavi: I’m a bit of a reckless driver.  I’m not that cautious on the road and I was driving with a friend and I cut someone off and he was judging me for it and I said, “Don’t hate the player.  Change the game.” It was a complete mistake. I know Americans say it differently. I use that in my day to day life.