Lacey Chabert: Posing in undies for Maxim 'nerve wracking'

Lacey Chabert heats up the cover of Maxim for the second time this November. The 31 year old shared with FOX411 what it was like growing up in front of the camera, her stance on selfies, and what she thinks of former co-star Lindsay Lohan.

FOX411: How did it feel to be asked to be the November cover model for Maxim Magazine?

Lacey Chabert: I was very excited about it! I've done it once before and enjoyed collaborating with them again. It's always a little nerve wracking to pose in your undies, but everyone at Maxim was lovely to work with!

FOX411:You say in your interview that men need to be funny to date you. What else do you look for in a boyfriend?

Chabert: I absolutely love to laugh. Being with someone who can find the humor in any circumstance is a wonderful thing to me. It makes life less stressful! I also think loyalty and honesty are crucial. I'm also attracted to someone who is spontaneous. I'm very much a "planner" so being with someone who's up for an impromptu adventure is fun. I think it's great when your differences help balance one another.

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FOX411: Are you currently single?

Chabert: No. I'm in a relationship with a wonderful guy. I'm very lucky to be able to say he is all of those things above.

FOX411: You starred in popular movies and TV series like ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘Party of Five.’ How many times a day do you hear the phrase, “that’s so fetch?”

Chabert: Many! Being a part of ‘Mean Girls’ was certainly a blessing, so I'm flattered that people are still quoting the lines. I have nothing but fond memories of filming the movie in Toronto.

FOX411: Speaking of 'Mean Girls,' do you stay in touch with your former cast members?  Do you have any advice for Lindsay Lohan as she embarks on her new reality show?

Chabert: Jonathan Bennett and I are very close friends. I haven't seen Lindsay in a while, but I always have and continue to wish her the best in life. I'll be tuning in!

FOX411: Why do you think that you managed to avoid the pitfalls of childhood stardom where others were not?

Chabert: Thank you, but I certainly don't have all of the answers. Looking back now as an adult, I'm incredibly grateful that my parents were so protective and did their best to always put my well being above any career decision. Navigating the transition from child actor to an adult actor isn't easy. The judgment, criticism, and rejection you face as an actor can be overwhelming. I appreciate all of my friends and family who have supported me and helped guide my decisions. I'm very thankful to be working and still living out my passion of telling stories.

FOX411: One more important subject: Selfies… should celebs, and people in general, just stop?

Chabert: I think it's all meant to be in good fun, but there is a fine line I guess between sharing a moment out of your day versus sharing your entire life to such an extreme that you forget to be in the moment and simply live it.  I love taking pictures but not every meal I eat needs to be photographed and shared. I do post tons of pics of my dogs though. But, they are the cutest Chihuahuas in the world so how could I not?! Kidding.