Kimmel presses Pelosi on impeachment: We need you to 'take care of this'

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel pressed Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif, on the urgency to impeach President Trump, urging her to "get in there" and "take care of this."

Kimmel began by asking Pelosi if Congress was "taking it from here" after Special Counsel Robert Mueller's remarks, which Pelosi responded by saying they've been "on that path for a while."

"But it seems like we've been on the path for a really, really long while," Kimmel reacted. "Like since the 70s."

Pelosi told Kimmel that Congress has to be "ready" and "clear to the American people" and acknowledged how impeachment could "divide the country" and that she wants to "bring people together" beforehand.

"I probably have a better idea as to what the president has to be accountable for than anyone," Pelosi told Kimmel. "The only person who knows better than I why this president is not above the law, why this president must be held accountable- the only person who knows better than I do is the president of the United States. He knows. He knows what his violations have been."

"I don't even think he knows," Kimmel replied. "I think sometimes they do things and they go, 'Oh, that's not allowed?' and then they go back and try to figure out what it was and how they can keep it quiet."

"You know what really bugs me about that?" Pelosi said. "I say, how do you explain that to kids in the hood when they're approached by law enforcement and they say, 'Well, I didn't realize that I was supposed to do this or that.' They were supposed to know, but these very wealthy people which high-priced lawyers can get away with saying 'I didn't know.'"

"That's why we need you to get in there and to take care of this and do something to these guys," Kimmel exclaimed.


The late-night host went on to express how he "hoped" President Trump "didn't do anything" and that "we don't want" a president who has broken the law and how "we haven't had a chance to see the Mueller Report" and complained about how nothing happens when people defy congressional subpoenas.

"Will we be ready before the year 2020?" Kimmel asked.

"Yeah, we will," Pelosi responded.