Kendall Jenner turns 18, is offered millions for sex tape

Kendall Jenner just turned 18 on Sunday, officially making her an adult, and some porn companies are already inquiring about a potential sex tape from the young star.

Reports say that at least six companies are interested in a sex tape featuring the younger Kardashian star, with one reportedly offering the tall beauty $1.8 million to star in a video with a partner of her choosing. Sheesh.

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Sure, Kim Kardashian did it. But little sis Kendall Jenner has set herself apart from that sleazy side of the business, often booking classier gigs like age-appropriate cover shoots and fashion-forward runway shows. Plus, she JUST turned 18. Shouldn't Kendall enjoy being legal for a while until she's bombarded with all these sexed-up offers?

But... we're not exactly surprised there's so much interest in her already. Jenner is beautiful. And she's certainly not the only young star in the industry who's considered sexy for her age.

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