It seems breast implants have pretty much become synonymous with Hollywood, and despite being the ultimate “it” girl that’s one place Paris Hilton hasn’t ventured into – although her mom Kathy Hilton said her daughter almost gave into the Tinseltown temptation.

“At one point she was like ‘I wanna do this and that, I’m so flat!’ but then all of a sudden she was like ‘I love it. I don’t care. I love it’,” Kathy told Tarts at the launch of Paris’s new all-in-one hair tool the Celebrity Styler and the Ultimate Brush at the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills on Tuesday night.  “I’m proud of that; I think that’s really nice.”

But according to Ms. Hilton, the thought never really crossed her mind.

“I’m way too scared, I hate needles and I hate blood. I’m a really big fan of the show ‘Nip/Tuck’ so I see how it happens,” she said. “I’m just too scared. I’m happy with the way I am.”

And despite her reputation as the ultimate perennial party princess, Hilton insisted that a typical day in her life begins in the early hours.

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    “Every day is different; I usually get up at 7 a.m. and start doing my calls – talking to people in London or Japan. And then I have a meeting with my whole team and we talk about everything that’s going on with all the brands,” she said. “Then I could either have a photo shoot or I'm in the studio working on the album or I’m shooting something for one of my shows. It’s always jam-packed with a lot in my schedule. Right now I’m so busy with my products, its so cool because the styler does everything – curls & straightens”

    However this seemingly glamorous existence in the spotlight is a far cry from what mom Kathy thought her 28-year-old daughter would be leading …

    “She was really into animals and I thought she would end up being a veterinarian. She was a tomboy, she used to love to hunt for lizards and snails and go on hikes and go fishing with her dad,” Kathy added. “She is a really sweet girl and has feelings too and she can be shy. People go ‘what?’ but she really can be, she’s caring of other people.”

    But despite Paris’s PDA with boyfriend Doug Reinhardt at the event (daddy Rick Hilton told us he was “such a respectful guy” and he even gushed that marriage could be on the cards and that they were very “serious”) but did thing turns sour a few hours later?

    According to TMZ, the Los Angeles Police Department responded to a drunken argument between the two on the driveway of Hilton’s Hollywood Hills home in the wee hours of Wednesday in which Hilton was reportedly screaming at Reinhardt not to leave and they started shoving one another.

    But the hotel heiress has since come forward and claimed it was a case of mistaken identity. A rep for Hilton said that they had nothing to do with the altercation and it was in fact Doug’s house guests that had the heated fight.