Justin Bieber Turns Mexico City into 'Bieberville'

J Biebs is spreading the Bieber fever throughout Mexico City.

Nothing will stop the Biliebers from seeing their idol— not even political unrest.

Amidst thousands of unrelated political demonstrators, a camp of pre-teen girls gathered a day early in Mexico City’s central plaza to save their spot in line for Justin Bieber’s free concert Monday night.


Beiber's free concert is expected to draw a crowd of over 200,000 screaming fans.

The 10 to 14-year-old girls, some who travelled hundreds of miles, camped Sunday along a street near the Zócalo.

Even adults were sucked into the Bieber swing, especially parents, who took time off work to watch over their children in the crowd.

Hundreds of die-hard fans lined the streets as their mothers, less concerned with security and more concerned with night lingering giant cockroaches, stood guard.

"We kill them so they don't get close to the girls," Elizabeth Noriegas said of the roaches as she waited with her daughter, Frida Coss.

Coss, 17, who is the president of the Official Justin Bieber Fan Club in Mexico City, was first in line.

"Naturally we'd be worried about safety, but it looks like the government is taking the necessary precautions," said Monica Gómez, mother of Renata, 11, who will miss school Monday as she waits in line.

Authorities said they will have more than 5,000 police in and around the area surrounding the concert. The city is being extra careful in light of the stampede incident in late May, where 40 fans were injured at Bieber’s free concert in Norway.

The campers efforts will not go in vain. A city official said fans who camped out would have a first shot at getting in as recognition for the effort they have made.

“Never Say Never” is more than just a song to Leslie Bio, 13, who sees J Biebs as an inspiration. She, her mother and three friends travelled 14 hours on a bus from the state of Sinaloa to attend the concert.

Justin "teaches us not to give up on our dreams," Leslie said.

Last year, Justin took Mexico City by storm. He enchanted the hearts and minds of the 60,000 fans who attended his early October concert at Foro del Sol stadium.This year’s concert is expected to bring in over three times as many fans as last year.

The singer also said then that he would begin learning Spanish and hoped to sing with Latin artists in the future.

Based on reporting by the Associated Press.

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