Justin Bieber caught on tape urinating in restaurant's mop bucket, shouting about Bill Clinton

It seems Justin Bieber thinks he is too cool for public restrooms.

A new video, posted on TMZ, shows the 19-year-old apparently urinating in a restaurant’s mop bucket. The clip, which the site claims was taken earlier this year, appears to be shot by one of Bieber’s friends as they laugh about his behavior.

The group jokes repeatedly in the footage that the restaurant should be honored that Bieber has chosen to urinate at their establishment.

“That’s the coolest spot to piss,” one friend says. “You know, you’ll forever remember that.”

After he’s done, the young men can be heard proclaiming they are “wild kids.” Then, Bieber abruptly changes the subject, grabbing a cleaning liquid bottle and spraying a photo of Bill Clinton on the wall.

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“F*** Bill Clinton!” the teen idol declares before heading back into the bar with his friends.

Bieber’s rep did not immediately return FOX 411’s request for comment.