Justin Bieber and Chris Brown partner 'for the fans'

In a move that makes total sense when you actually think about it, the often-troubled Justin Bieber and Chris Brown have now partnered up to do, um, something together — presumably between ranting about how everyone is out to get them and sharing about what they’ve learned at each of their respective court-mandated anger management classes.

Though the pair never really specify what they’re working on, many are speculating that the two are working on track after Biebs posted a photo of them in the studio.

“Studio, me and CB did 1 for the fans,” the Canadian crooner writes on his Instagram.

Previously, Bieber was featured on Brown’s 2011 song, “Next to You.”

In all, this rumored collaboration could be the next big hit and/or the one that will end humanity forever. Either way, let’s all just hope these boys will stay out of trouble before it drops. 

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