Johnny Cash's children are "sickened" that a neo-Nazi wore a T-shirt with their late father's name.

The singer's daughter, Rosanne Cash, wrote a message on Facebook Wednesday on behalf of all of her four siblings.

"We were alerted to a video of a young man in Charlottesville, a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi, spewing hatred and bile. He was wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the name of Johnny Cash, our father. We were sickened by the association," Cash wrote.

The Cash kids added that their country legend father was a humanitarian who fought for social justice and "championed rights of Native Americans, protested the war in Vietnam, was a voice for the poor, the struggling and the disenfranchised, and an advocate for the rights of prisoners."


It concluded with a warning for those, "who claim supremacy over other human beings, to any who believe in racial or religious hierarchy: we are not you. Our father, as a person, icon, or symbol, is not you."

The Cash family requested that their name be "kept far away from destructive and hateful ideology."