John Stamos gets candid about his sex life

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John Stamos is getting pretty candid about his love life.

The 52-year-old actor made a radio appearance on "The Kyle & Jackie O Show" on Thursday, where he gamely answered if he had "any little tricks as a lover."

"The Stamos Straddler, I do that sometimes," he deadpanned.

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But he does have a sweeter side.

"I'm a cuddler guy, that's where I really excel," he continued. "I like a good cuddle."

The "Fuller House" star -- who says he's currently "happily dating" -- also proved he can be friendly with his exes. Stamos had nothing but positive things to say about his former flame, actress Nicky Whelan. Stamos is currently dating model Caitlin McHugh, ET confirmed in March.

"I dated a beautiful Australian girl for a while -- Nicky Whelan," he gushed. "She's the best. I think she's getting married now. I'm super happy for her. She's a very dear friend of mine."

Whelan, 34, is currently engaged to former NFL pro, Kerry Rhodes.

It appears Australian women are definitely Stamos' type -- specifically, "Suicide Squad" star Margot Robbie.

"I sat next to her at the Oscars once," he dished. "I was drooling."

Stamos is currently filming season two of "Fuller House," and said that even he and the rest of the cast were surprised over the incredible reception the reboot has received. The show was renewed on Netflix for season two less than a week after it aired on the streaming service.

"It's the most bizarre thing to happen," he admitted. "I don't think there's any other show that has done that."

Still, you can't please everyone. He also acknowledged the show's less than stellar reviews.

"It got the worst reviews and it kind of made me laugh," Stamos shared. "One reviewer compared it to necrophilia. It was just more comical for me."

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He's also still trying to get Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen to make appearances on the show.

"We're gonna try again," Stamos confirmed. "I just got off the phone with [Bob] Saget and he's gonna make a call too. ... They're always welcome. I'd love to have them on."