John Slattery Mad About Emmy Nod

Nominated again for best supporting actor for Mad Men, John Slattery was already on a high, celebrating his first time directing an episode (the fourth) of Mad Men's new season, which returns July 25. "It was challenging—a bit of an out of body experience to direct myself," he tells TV Guide Magazine. "I remember Lizzy Moss [Peggy] laughing in my face and apologizing every time I tried giving her direction. She said, 'I'm sorry, I can't take you seriously.' We have a table read today for episode nine, so I'll be seeing everybody again."

Though he can't say anything about the new season, Slattery calls the firm's new office environment "fantastic," with a few holdovers from his character Roger's old office. "Everybody has brought in a little something familiar." Wouldn't an Emmy look nice in Roger's digs?

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