JLO’s Mom Fumes Over Casper Smart; Lopez Sells Marc Anthony’s Jewelry

Does mother always know best?

JLO’s mother, Guadalupe Lopez, is fuming over her daughter’s new adventures with 24-year-old boyfriend Casper Smart.

When Jennifer moves on, she totally moves on.

— A source close to Lopez tells The Chicago Sun Times

Latino gossip site Enelbrasero.com reports that “Lupe” as she is known as, didn’t appreciate finding out through the press that JLO’s was involved in a relationship. The site reports that, according to an undisclosed source close to the family, Mama Lopez thinks JLO’s shenanigans with Smart can hurt her twins Max and Emme (whom she shares with ex-hubby salsa superstar Marc Anthony.)

“Guadalupe is very upset with Jennifer’s decision [to date Casper],” a source tells Enelbrasero.com. “They are not speaking at the moment.”

The report also claims that JLO and Marc Anthony’s twins are struggling to grasp the concept of their parents’ divorce.

“The children are fighting to understand what is going on,” the source said. “All of a sudden they now have this new fatherly figure in their lives.”

As for JLO, it seems the fling with Smart is the right medicine to get over Marc.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that Lopez is getting rid of anything that reminds her of Marc Anthony from their homes, except in the children’s rooms.

A source tells the daily that JLO has discreetly began selling all the jewelry that Marc Anthony gave her through the years. Allegedly she’s also giving away clothing that was given to her by Marc.

A close friend told The Chicago Sun Times that Lopez has always been this way when moving on, not only from an ex, but when detaching herself from former employees and unhealthy friendships.

“When Jennifer moves on, she totally moves on,” said the source. "[Casper Smart] will likely discover he will ‘disappear’ when she tires of him too.”

“It was true when she split with Ben [Affleck], Diddy [Sean Combs] and obviously Ojani Noa,” the source added.

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