Who says you can't have it all? Not Jennifer Lopez!

The 45-year-old entertainer flaunts her flawless physique for SELF magazine and confesses that despite her many jobs -- judging "American Idol," starring in the new thriller "The Boy Next Door" and performing her hit songs -- she has no plans to slow down. "I want to prove to everyone that I can do everything and be a superwoman," she says. "But I have to take time for myself."

This "superwoman" used her chat with SELF to speak out for ladies everywhere. "All the old cliches about women need to be undone," Lopez proclaims. "Enough already. We're in the other position now. We are desirable older, we can date younger guys and it's not this big taboo. Men have been doing this for years, and it's no big deal."

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In "The Boy Next Door," Lopez plays a divorced woman who falls in love with a young man (Ryan Guzman) that moves in down the street. After a brief affair, she's exposed to his obsessive behavior and learns of his dark secret. While the film is a thriller, J.Lo tells the women's magazine that she does relate to her character -- seeing as she's been through several divorces, and dated a younger man, 27-year-old dancer and choreographer Casper Smart, for a few years.

"I've been cheated on, just like every other girl in the world," she explains. "So you sympathize, you understand the emotions. And I've dated a younger guy once in my life, so I could definitely understand that part, too -- the attraction."

This wouldn't be the first time J.Lo has spoken out about women and sought to break down the social stigmas that come when females get older. "I refuse to be put in a box in that way," she told ET's Kevin Frazier when asked about criticism toward her sexy "Booty" song. "Why, because I'm over 40? So I can't be sexy? Or, is it because I'm a mom? Moms aren't allowed to be sexy. Uh, how did I get my kids in the first place?"

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