For JLO and her new man Casper Smart, age is nothing but a number.

The two lovebirds took to Twitter to say they are happy and living their lives to the fullest.
“Age, status, n opinions of others are irrelevant," Smart tweeted on Wednesday. "Our hearts are endless and our souls infinite."

"Our ages are mere reminders of the hours logged on this earth and the precious time remaining," he said.

American Idol Top 10 Latino Moments

Lopez, 42, showed her support for her new man, who is 24, by re-tweeting all of his posts.

Also on Wednesday, photos of Casper and Lopez making out lustfully on the set of her new music video surfaced as well.

Smart, who wasn’t there to dance but to see his lady, hugged and kissed Lopez with a satisfied grin. Talk about PDA!

“We should all honor our time here by indulging our passion and dreams,” Smart continued on Twitter.  “Close your ears and open your hearts; Love and be happy!”

American Idol's Pia Toscano's Sexy Style

Lopez appeared to be in the moment as she beamed on American Idol, which debuted its 11th season Wednesday evening.

The Puerto Rican diva glowed on the hit show as she talked about finding that special someone.

"You always have high hopes that today will be the day when you will find the one," said Lopez. "You never know."

The first auditions were held in Savannah, Georgia, where 10,000 hopefuls showed up to convince Lopez and her fellow judges, rock icon Steven Tyler and music producer Randy Jackson, that their musical abilities are worth being sent to Hollywood.

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