Former “Friends” Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston are known for their charismatic comedic skills, however the ladies are also using their faces to front Mary Fanaro’s humanitarian fashion brand “OmniPeace” which seeks to “Stamp Out Violence Against Women & Girls of the Congo.”

“They are both great women that are passionate about anything they support and lend their name to and it’s not just about the campaign of the moment; its about real education and commitment to helping in anyway they can. They got involved because they are my friends and support what our brand stands for,” Fanaro (who herself is a survivor of ovarian cancer) told Tarts.

As for Cox, she’s in it for the long haul and joins Fanaro in the hope that Senator Hilary Clinton will signal a greater investment in peace making and civilian protection from the United States and that American and European buyers of everything from cell phones, laptops and iPods begin to demand conflict-free electronics that don’t source their essential materials from mines that produce deadly conflict.

“OmniPeace was created to give back. The first year the proceeds went to ending extreme poverty in sub-Saharan Africa and the second year was to the City of Joy for the Stamp Out Violence campaign,” Cox exclusively told us. “I can’t think of a better way to support my best friend and all the work that she and OmniPeace do to donate to causes supporting peace, education, human rights and the end of extreme poverty by 2025. Mary's passion is so contagious and wonderful to be around that its impossible to say no to her. It has taught me that anything is possible with enough perseverance and tenacity from people like Mary who take on these challenges that seem insurmountable and then all of the sudden seem possible.”

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