In the FOXlight With Michael Tammero: ‘Life of Pi,’ ‘Hitchcock’ and ‘Rise of the Guardians’

Considering heading to the big screen this weekend? FOX News' Michael Tammero has the inside scoop on what's hot.

In this Thanksgiving edition of the FOXlight, Michael highlights three films that are receiving great reviews. First up is Director Ang Lee's take on Yann Martel's 2001 novel, 'Life of Pi,' the story of a boy, a lifeboat and a tiger.

Next, Tammero previews 'Hitchcock,' a love story where in which Director Sacha Gervasi "Examines the director's life during the film 'Psycho,' specifically focusing on how his wife helped shape his legacy."

For a family flick, Tammero recommends the animated film, 'Rise of the Guardians,' where "a team of fairy tale characters come together for a wild adventure." Their task? To protect the children of Earth from evil threats.

And finally, the FOXlight checks in with some A-list celebs to find out how they're spending Thanksgiving. Check out the video above for the full scoop.