In the FOXlight: Ryan Guzman of 'The Boy Next Door' on His Steamy Scenes With Jennifer Lopez

We've said it time and time again: If there's one thing that complicates a relationship, it's having steamy forbidden sex with the underage neighbor next door. We cannot stress that enough.

Fortunately for us, that exact scenario makes for great entertainment in "The Boy Next Door," the upcoming erotic thriller starring Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman.

FOX correspondent Michael Tammero recently got the chance to inteview Guzman — the film's titular "boy" — about getting into the mind of his deranged character, and, of course, shooting a sex scene with Jennifer Lopez.

"I was extremely nervous … I remember shaking right before [filming] that," Guzman confessed.

"I had to talk to Jennifer," he added. "Jennifer had to calm me down."

For more about "The Boy Next Door," including a story about he and Lopez breaking into fits of laughter between takes, check out the full interview above.