In the FOXlight: Jack Maxwell of Travel Channel's 'Booze Traveler'

It's probably safe to say that Jack Maxwell has sampled more outrageous cocktails than anyone alive.

As the host of Travel Channel's "Booze Traveler," Maxwell wanders the globe to learn about the world's many spirits and liquors, as well as the many drinking rituals and customs that surround them.

"[It's] an exploration, or even a celebration of all the people, places and cultures of the world," explains Maxwell in an interview with FOX correspondent Michael Tammero. "And, of course, we do that through the lens of a cocktail glass."

Maxwell's travels have also pitted him against some pretty crude-sounding cocktails, like "frog in a blender" and "spit beer," but he he wants "Booze Traveler" fans to know he's not just drinking liquidated frogs for shock value.

"We're not doing this to shock or surprise anybody," says Maxwell. "We're saying, 'Guess what? There's a big wide wonderful world out there: This is what they do, and this is what they drink.'"

For more of Maxwell's interview, which also includes a boozy trivia game between Maxwell and Tammero, be sure to watch the entire segment above.