In the FOXlight: Carol Burnett is Back on Broadway in 'Love Letters'

As anybody who's ever seen "The Carol Burnett Show" can attest, Burnett is a woman of endless talent. And right now, she's taking that talent to Broadway.

The legendary actress and comedienne is currently starring in "Love Letters," a two-character play that chronicles the ups and downs of a lifelong couple through 50 years' worth of their writings, correspondence and love letters.

"It's about a relationship between these two people that starts when they're both five and six years old," she explained to FOX correspondent Michael Tammero. "We're each either reading a letter from our partner, or we're writing a letter to our partner. So we never touch, we never look at each other — but you have to make that chemistry happen."

She's also thrilled to be working alongside actor Brian Dennehy for the third time, lauding him as "one of the greatest actors in the world."

To hear more from Burnett, including her favorite character from the old "Carol Burnett Show," watch the interview above. And be sure to catch Carol Burnett in Broadway's "Love Letters," now through November 8 at the Brooks Atkinson Theater.