America voted, and the Top 10 contestants on “American Idol” have been chosen – including Heejun Han, who record producer and “Idol” mentor Jimmy Iovine plainly thought was in the wrong competition.

“Let me tell you about Heejun,” Iovine said during a taped segment on Thursday night’s live show. “This guy completely confuses me. I get the personality, I get the schtick, I get the whole thing. Sort of a good voice. This isn’t ‘American Comedian’–this is ‘American Idol!’”

After listening to Iovine’s critique, Han brushed off the blunt assessment with his characteristic quick wit.

Host Ryan Seacrest gravely asked Han, “What did you think about what Jimmy had to say about ‘American Comedian?’”

Without missing a beat, Han replied, “Who’s that?”

Han may have earned some laughs last night, but he will have deliver some serious vocals in the coming weeks if he hopes to stay in the competition much longer.

Joining Han in the Top 10 are clear front runners Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez–both of whom Iovine said he would sign ‘on the spot.”

Hollie Cavanagh also made the cut. “Little girl, big voice,” said the chairman of Interscope-Geffen-A&M. “Could have been a little bit more believable. Give her the right material, she could some real damage in this game.”

Iovine called church-going gospel singer Joshua Ledet the “real deal,” but noted, “It’s my job that we don’t turn this into ‘Sister Act Three.’”

According to Iovine, Skylar Laine “Blends soul with country, which is a great formula for rock ‘n roll.”

He declared that Shannon Magrane had “great poise” and “sang beautifully” but thought she could use some help with her style. “She was dressed more for the prom than for a live performance,” Iovine said of the floor-length dress Magrane wore Wednesday night.

Iovine also had some advice for finalist Elsie Testone. “She sings a little hard, she pushes a little much, she has to be careful,” he suggested. “It’s a long competition. She has to hold on to that voice.”

Colton Dixon earned plenty of praise from Iovine. “(He) is really talented. Probably one of the most talented kids in this show. But he can’t do too much too soon. Jumping on the piano, off the piano–he’s just got to take it slow, pace himself, and he could really win this thing."

Jermaine “Gentle Giant” Jones also made it into the Top 10 after being cut from the competition during the Las Vegas round. “I’m so glad the judges brought Jermaine back,” said Iovine. “What a beautiful voice. I could listen to an entire album of that voice, (and there) are very few people I can say that about in today’s business. We got to figure out how to get him through this show. It’s going to take a bit of variety, a bit of excitement, and a lot of creativity, but I’m rooting for him.”

Deandre Brackensick, Erika Van Pelt, and Jeremy Rosado were chosen as “wild card” contestants, making a grand total of 13 singers who will start competing against one another next week.

Up next: The guys perform the music of Stevie Wonder and the girls pay tribute to Whitney Houston, as they’re mentored by Mary J. Blige.