Heidi Klum: My mom takes my racy pictures for me

Heidi Klum isn’t afraid to bare it all for the cameras, especially since the photographer for most of her recent racy pictures is her mom.

The supermodel recently spoke with Access Hollywood about the partially nude photos she’s been posting online and revealed that her mother is behind the lens.

“You will be surprised when you hear that my mom takes most of the photos,” she told Access Hollywood. “Yeah, my mom and dad. They were on holiday. Yes, so my mom can take some good photos.”

In the some of her recent pictures, posted from Klum’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, the model is seen topless and showing off her tanned body.

She said that she isn’t embarrassed about taking steamy pictures with her parents present.

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“…I’m European. I don’t like wearing tops,” she said. “And I don’t like tan lines.”

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