Nearly 12 years ago, 24-year-old Ryan Corbin, grandson of Pat Boone, accidently stepped through a skylight and plunged three stories onto a concrete floor. Weeks later his mother Lindy and Pat decided to appear on Larry King’s show and asked for people’s prayers.

The remarkable and inspiring story of Ryan, and how Lindy got through the ordeal, is recounted in ‘Heaven Hears.’ Lindy spoke to FOX411 about it all.

FOX411: First of all how is Ryan doing?

Lindy Boone Michaelis: He’s progressing kind of faster than expected which is wonderful. He’s reading, he’s walking, he converses. It’s all stepping up. He’s doing well.

FOX411: His injuries were catastrophic.

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Michaelis: He would have died if his roommate hadn’t have been there to witness it and call 911. They did not expect him to live. When my mother arrived at the emergency room area she saw the paramedics coming out after delivering Ryan to the E.R. and they told her not to get her hopes up.

My mother heard those words but louder than that she heard in her spirit the words of the Bible, a verse of scripture, ‘He will live and not die and declare the glory of God.’ She said those words were much much louder to her than what the paramedics said. The doctors came to tell them about his condition and people in that condition don’t usually make it and she just kept hearing those other words. She had no fear. Her or my Dad, it was a stance they took.

FOX411: Tell me about going on TV.

Michaelis: We went on fiveweeks after the accident. It allowed us to give an update and ask for prayer.

FOX411: Do you think the prayers helped save Ryan?

Michaelis: I believe prayer helps. I don’t want to give a misrepresentation that if you get on TV and get people all over the world praying for you... Was I grateful for it? I absolutely was. Prayer does matter but I don’t want you to think it’s the number of prayers because I believe everyone has the same opportunity to go to the same source of healing and be bold in our requests.

FOX411: Were you ever angry at God or did it make you question your faith?

Michaelis: I honestly can say it never occurred to me to be angry at God. I was stunned, shocked, nobody wants to go through something this painful. I was 45 years old and up until that point my life was pretty charmed. I watched other people go through suffering. I don’t think I’m special. In this world we encounter hard things. I felt like I had been so fortunate to go 45 years without a great loss.

FOX411: But what about Ryan’s loss?

Michaelis: None of us are immune. I don’t get angry at God for what happens in this life. This was a huge heartache for me but I also see a bigger picture. I live believing that this life is not all there is. The bad things that happen to us in our lives are either going to break us or strengthen us. When we turn towards God we become stronger. When we turn away I think we can become bitter.

I just wanted to stay as close as possible to every potential variant to be healed and I felt the closer I am to God, the more potential there was to see Ryan restored. So I didn’t have a stance of anger or bitterness. I drew closer to God. I felt like I was a little child in a storm that was scaring me and I wanted to be in his presence.

FOX411: Still doesn’t it make you sad how Ryan’s life has been permanently changed?

Michaelis: I don’t live with that kind of outlook because I think Ryan is still getting better. Do I wish this had never happened? Sure, but I look at Ryan and he’s happy. I almost envy him sometimes. He lives in the moment so he doesn’t feel that loss that everyone feels for him. He doesn’t worry about the future. He lives in the moment and that’s something I’ve learned from him. Being grateful for each day. To him his life is great so that makes it easier. I think often about a saying, ‘We are human beings, not human doings.’ Ryan is this wonderful being.

Ryan has accomplished things through the accident and the foundation. We started Ryan’s Reach to bring attention to brain injuries and to show that it isn’t hopeless. Ryan is still making gains, he’s leading the way.

FOX411: Ryan takes medical marijuana.

Michaelis: Yes that was an interesting irony. He needs it for his behavior. We tried regular kinds of meds but they just sedated him. Someone suggested marijuana and I was scared at first. I thought, ‘Oh it’s a gateway drug.’ But what I have found is if he ingests a little bit in a brownie that works really well for him to be really calm for a long time. I give it to him twice a week and am very grateful to have found it.