What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas.

Haley Joel Osment missed his American Airlines flight on Sunday and was allegedly told he could fly standby on the next day. He returned the next day, but the flight was full. Then, he allegedly got feisty with the gate agent and the cops were called.

“A passenger on the evening of Sunday, Feb. 4, missed their flight at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport,” a representative for American Airlines told Page Six on Tuesday. “As a courtesy, they were placed on standby for another flight Monday morning from Las Vegas. Due to the passenger’s behavior toward our team members on Monday morning, law enforcement was summoned to the gate. The passenger was upset we would not confirm him on a flight, after he missed his flight the previous evening.”

An airport official confirmed to Page Six that around 7:05 a.m. local time they received a call requesting assistance for an “unruly passenger” but the person had left by the time the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department arrived at the gate. The police were called again an hour later when he made verbal threats, but he left before being confronted. Officers never made contact with Osment.

Osment, 29, never made his 8:47 a.m. flight either.

His reps didn’t get back to us.

This article originally appeared in Page Six.