Group Ups Heat on JLO over Iran with Parody of 'My World' FIAT Commercial

The organization, United Against a Nuclear Iran (UANI) has put JLO on blast again and this time there are graphic images involved.

Last week the UANI, dedicated to prevent the development of a nuclear weapon in Iran, urged  Lopez to end her deal with FIAT because they claim the Italian car company continues to do business with Iran.

They gave her a Wednesday deadline to cut ties with the auto maker.

On Friday, the foreign policy advocacy group, released a parody of Lopez’s FIAT commercial, drastically different to the original FIAT ad.

In the parody, a voice similar to JLO’s says that she “supports terrorists” and that she has sold out because “Fiat does pay me millions.”

See J.Lo's "My World" Fiat Commercial: Parody (Caution: It contains graphic images of public executions.)

“Fiat sells cars, truck and other equipment on the streets of Iran, where the brutal Iranian regime represses its own people, hangs homosexuals, support terrorists including al Qaeda and builds a nuclear weapon,” said a voice similar to Lopez’s in the parody as images of hangings and brutality surface and the we see Lopez driving in the FIAT with a smile on her face.

“I would never want that on my block, but Fiat does pay me millions.”

Nathan Carleton, UANI’s Communications Director, says in a matter of hours after the release of the video, the organization saw a boost in fan mail.

“We’ve had hundreds of people writing to fiat and signing our petition online,” said Carleton “We will continue to highlight her involvement with Iran and continue to pressure FIAT.”

Carleton thinks JLO should listen to this warning by the UANI.

“She should publicly state the she opposes the human right violations in Iran,” said Carleton.

“She should be responsible,” he added. “She should take a stand with the people of Iran.”

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Lopez and FIAT’s teams were contacted by FOX News Latino for comment but did not reply

According to a report from The New York Times report on companies which profited from business in Iran over the last decade, FIAT began manufacturing their four-door sedan in 2004, "under a licensing agreement with Pars Industrial Development Foundation." Their spokesman Richard Gadeselli told the Times that over 2000 vehicles have been manufactured to date.

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