'Glee' Actress Dianna Agron Goes Topless on Instagram and Ingrid Hoffmann Whips Up Drunken Fajitas

Here's what everybody can't stop talking about:

"Glee" actress Dianna Agron went completely topless for a recent photoshoot (below), though we're not sure what it's for, or why it happened. Perhaps Agron wanted to show off her new tattoo, which seemingly features a small Dutch boy threatening to stab a his younger sister with an ear of corn.

Always on the lookout for a great grill recipe? Look no further than Ingrid Hoffmann's spicy drunken fajitas made with tequila-marinated steak. Check out the video above to see how she puts it all together!

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis welcomed a daughter on Tuesday. The baby's name hasn't yet been revealed, but with parents called Ashton and Mila, we expect nothing less than "Dionysus" or "T-Boz."

OK! magazine is reporting that Leonardo DiCaprio and girlfriend Toni Garrn are no longer an item. We can't say we're surprised. After all, there's a few supermodels in the Czech Republic he hasn't yet dated.

Miranda Kerr tried her damndest to distract from the Nicholas Ghesquiere show at Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday, wearing an ultra low-cut dress that showcased her ample cleavage. And seeing as we're about to show you said dress (below), she succeeded.

When asked about his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, Puff Daddy told Access Hollywood that he admires her talent, her drive, and most of all, her butt. "It's a work of art," he said, leading us to believe that he'd also enjoy the ample artwork on the backside of Nicki Minaj.

Charlie Sheen's personal dentist is claiming Sheen pulled a knife on him during a routine procedure. We expect the cops went easy on him, in part because he's a celebrity, and in part because we've all wanted to assault our dentist at one time or another.

A fan of Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner's managed to capture video of the two dining together in Paris (below), which is a really gutsy move considering Justin's history of lashing out when he's photographed without his consent. This girl could've nearly found herself on the wrong end of a harsh Bieber-ing!

Taylor Swift's cat, Olivia Benson, is now a shoe model for Taylor Swift's signature line of Keds, presumably to help customers imagine how much their pets will enjoy urinating in a brand-new pair of $55 shoes.

Alyssa Milano has quit her TV show "Mistresses," citing the fact that production is moving from Los Angeles to Vancouver for the third season. But hopefully, she and ABC can come to some kind of agreement where she will remain a mistress that they only visit on long business trips to California.

For his weekly #WCW (woman-crush Wednesday) post on Twitter, Rob Kardashian posted a photo of his own sister Khloe in yoga pants (below). And it's a good thing he did, because Bruce Jenner has had a monopoly on "creepiest Kardashian male" for far too long.

Adam Sandler signed a deal with Netflix to produce four exclusive movies for the streaming service, presumably with a stipulation that at least two of them contain a scene where Rob Schneider yells "You can do it!"

And finally, Kate Middleton has canceled yet another public engagement due to severe morning sickness, which is about as valid an excuse for canceling a public engagement as we've ever heard. Heck, we once called out of work after stubbing a toe!