Gigi Hadid's New York Fashion Week runway mishap

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It simply wouldn’t be New York Fashion Week without a mishap or two. The latest comes from model Gigi Hadid, who lost a crucial part of her wardrobe just before walking the runway.

Hadid appeared at the Anna Sui show during the major event to take the runway in a new gold gown with a pink shawl adorned in fringe. Her feet were supposed to be covered in black stockings and glitter-gold heels, but the second heel didn’t quite make it down the runway.

In the video below, from TMZ, Hadid can be seen walking the runway like a pro, despite only having on her left heel. The video captures the discarded right at the top of the runway, with AOL reporting that the strap on the heel broke just before the star took the stage, and eventually fell off entirely.

Still, as can be seen in the video, the model was undeterred. Walking on her tip-toe, her stride was hardly broken at all by the missing heel. In fact, Yahoo Style notes that many didn’t even realize anything was wrong. That is, until later during a sweet moment in which all the models returned to the runway, Hadid was propped up on the shoulder of her sister, Bella Hadid.