As anyone who watches “Game of Thrones” knows, the infamous White Walkers are one of the scariest monsters to ever grace televison screens. Therefore, many Londoners were in for quite a shock Wednesday when a small group of them paraded through the streets without warning.

The Walkers' presence was an elaborate stunt to promote the Season 7 premiere of the hit HBO series, which drops after more than a year away on Sunday, July 16. According to Business Insider, the actors patrolled the area outside Buckingham Palace, Oxford Circus and Tower Bridge. The leader, the Night King, was on horseback for some of the day. Each actor reportedly spent four hours in makeup to capture the authentic look of the White Walkers from the show, complete with the antagonist's signature weapons made of ice. Luckily, it seems like they weren't out to raise the dead, merely take a walk.

The video below shows the finished product as well as the baffled crowd of people eagerly filming them on their phones.