‘Game of Thrones’ season 6 teaser released

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We’re going to be going through this right up until the show’s April 24 sixth season premiere, so we might as well get used to it. 

Once again, HBO is really twisting the knife into "Game of Thrones" fans over the question of whether or not Jon Snow really died at the end of season 5 with “Hall of Faces”, the new teaser for Game of Thrones season 6. Watch it here now.

Set in the House of Black and White, HQ of the Faceless Men assassins league and current home of now-blind Arya Stark, the clip begins as a riff on the show’s notoriously high body count. First lingering on the face of Ned Stark – who died in season 1 –as a quote by Ned from season 1 plays, it then goes to the face of Robb Stark – who died in season 3 – with similar dialogue from season 3. This is followed by a lingering close up on Jon Snow as well as some of his dialogue. Cue massive recoiling from fans.

Looks like Snow is dead, except next up are the faces of other protagonists like Tyrion and Daenerys who also look pretty dead. So we’re back to the fact that anyone can die on this show. Thanks for muddying the waters HBO.

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