When we first met Sansa Stark, she was a naive girl whose only wish was to marry a prince. While many aspects of this wish almost came true, her engagement to Joffrey was hardly the fantasy she had in mind. Perhaps no character (save for maybe her sister Arya) has become more disillusioned after seeing so much horror over the years. So, it’s almost fitting that Sansa's first kiss leads to the beginning of a new nightmare rather than happily ever after.

Winter has finally come and Sansa builds a model of her old home, Winterfell, in the snow. Robin takes an interest but his energy proves to be too much and he ends up stomping all over the snow-made replica. His temper tantrum worsens and Sansa, finally facing a foe more defenseless than she, slaps him across the face. He runs off and Sansa is greeted by Lord Baelish, who doesn’t have a problem with her actions. She tells him how she longs to go home again, even though it no longer exists. The two share a tender moment and she asks why he really killed King Joffrey.

Baelish takes another step closer to her, reaching out to touch her hair. He tells her just how deeply he loved her mother and how he wanted to hurt the people responsible for her death. Baelish goes on about what could have been, explaining that if things had gone differently, Sansa could have been his daughter. He kisses her right right there in the courtyard, unaware that his wife Lysa is watching the entire thing unfold.

Sansa meets Lysa at the latter's request. Lysa tells her niece about all the different ways bodies can break when they hit the ground after being tossed out the moon door. In the episode’s tensest moment, Lysa grabs Sansa and holds her over the opening, saying that Lysa knows about the kiss. Staring at certain death, Sansa cries, explaining that Baelish kissed her, not the other way around. Baelish arrives and attempts to talk his wife down, but Lysa has lost it. She screams about the lies she’s told for him before finally loosening her grip and letting Sansa get away.

Baelish comfortingly explains to Lysa that he’s only loved one woman all his life. Lysa seems to brighten at this until Baelish confesses that it is her sister that he loves. Lysa barely has time to register her husband's words before he pushes her out the moon door, sending her plummeting to her death as Sansa watches. Whether she likes it or not, Sansa is now officially Petyr Baelish's partner in crime.

Picking up on last week’s cliffhanger, we find Tyrion back in a cell, being chastised by Jaime for his actions in court. Jaime informs his brother that while he has been training since the loss of his hand, he still lacks the skill to serve as Tyrion’s champion in his trial by combat. Another potential champion who's refusing the job? Bronn, who explains that Cersei bought him off. Cersei has also arranged for a very intimidating challenger, none other than Gregor Clegane (better known as The Mountain) who seems to brutally murder men for fun. One man who is up to the challenge is Prince Oberyn, who reminds Tyrion that The Mountain is responsible for the rape and murder of his sister and her children.

We also get a little more insight into Gregor’s violent past, when The Hound tells Arya it was his brother who burned him when he was a child, an act that was covered up by their father. Touched by his story, Arya offers to clean and patch his wounds for him.

Over in Mereen, Daario sneaks into Daenerys’ quarters to deliver her flowers. He explains he’s unsatisfied with the women of the city and the lack of war. She pours herself a drink and tells him to strip, the camera cutting away uncharacteristically before we see anymore. Just the implication is enough for perpetually friend-zoned Jorah, who doesn’t hide his jealousy. She informs him she plans to send Daario away to kill the masters of Yukai, who have begun to rebel. Jorah gives her sound advice and she changes her mind.

Back at the Wall, Jon Snow tries to convince the men of the night’s watch that sealing the tunnel is the best defense against the Wildings. His advice falls on deaf ears, a decision that is sure to hurt them when the fight comes.

Brienne and Podrick continue on their journey and finally get a lead on the whereabouts of Arya from her old friend Hot Pie. They make the decision to head to Vale, unaware that Sansa is being held there. Will they rescue her from Littlefinger’s clutches?