[SPOILER ALERT! The following contains spoilers from the latest episode of "Game of Thrones."]

"Game of Thrones" just aired the most amazing, bloody, satisfying and anxiety-filled episode in television history!

Sunday may have been Father's Day, but in Westeros it was the "Battle of the Bastards" as Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton's highly anticipated face-off for Winterfell finally took place. It was, without a doubt, the bloodiest and most brutal battle we've ever seen on "Game of Thrones" -- and it all culminated in the most deliciously dark act of revenge.

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On the morning of the huge battle-to-be, Ramsay decided to play another one of his sick and twisted hunting games: As Rickon Stark -- the last true heir to The North -- ran across the field from the Boltons' army to the Starks' side, Ramsay fired arrows at the boy's back.

Just as Jon was about to scoop up the youngest Stark onto his horse's back, Ramsay fired one last arrow and it cleanly struck Rickon's back and went through his heart. The despicable act of murdering his brother fueled Jon with enough rage and hatred to lead his teeny-tiny army to a victory against the Boltons' sea of soldiers.

Ramsay retreated behind the walls of Winterfell like a pathetic coward, but Jon and his men took back the castle and it was finally time for the bastards of the North to face-off, one-on-one. After Jon deflected Ramsay's pathetic slew of arrows, he punched the Bolton bastard a grand total of 23 times in the face. (Yes, we counted and delighted in each and every glorious punch!)

The episode ended with Sansa sentencing her former husband to the most wonderfully fitting and agonizing death possible: Ramsay was eaten alive by his own ravenous dogs.

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Needless to day, this episode sent the Internet into a full-fledged frenzy as "GoT" fans celebrated Ramsay's death like it was a national holiday. Here are some of our favorites.

"Game of Thrones'" season six finale airs Sunday, June 26 on HBO.