FOX411 QA: Carrie Fisher Says Electric Shock Therapy Saved Her Life, Opens Up About Famous Pop

She may be known for her iconic role as Princess Leia in the "Star Wars" franchise, but actress Carrie Fisher has been no stranger to adversity, including mental health issues and drug problems.

In her new book ‘Shockaholic,’ Carrie Fisher speaks honestly about her electric shock therapy, a blind date with Senator Chris Dodd and becoming a Jenny Craig muse.

The “Star Wars” actress also opens up about her relationship with her father, 50’s crooner Eddie Fisher, who famously dumped her mother Debbie Reynolds to run off with Elizabeth Taylor.

But perhaps most shocking was the treatment  she sought for extreme depression following the death of a close friend.

FOX411: Describe what it’s like getting electric shock treatment.

Fisher: It’s unmemorable. It’s been effective for me in a way that medicine and other treatments have not. If you look at the last three or four years I have been having it, I’ve been more productive than I have in my life. I’ve been traveling all over doing the show. I’ve written another book. I’ve had to struggle far less with my urges that are not commendable.

FOX411:  Why did you seek electric shock treatment?

Fisher: Nothing else had worked. I was in a really, really severe depression. I was as close to being suicidal as you can be without being suicidal. You sort of feel like not being around but I would never do anything like that. I have a daughter and family and friends. But I was devastated. I was feeling pointless.

FOX411: You’re manic-depressive. Do you mess the highs?

Fisher:  Sure, but I still get them but not like that. They don’t last long because I get them treated. Except they’re exhausting. When I was younger they were more age appropriate. But this time it’s like chasing around a pack of dogs on a leash, chasing yourself all over town.

FOX411: You went on a blind date with Chris Dodd and then had a double date with Ted Kennedy?

Fisher:  The first part of the evening [Kennedy] was what he was, which was a prince, a brilliant man, a great ambassador of good will. But then he relaxed. Look everybody is going to have a little side to them lurking somewhere, and I was the likely victim I think. I was fresh bait.

FOX411:  And he asked you...

Fisher:  If I was going to have sex with Chris. I said, ‘No, not tonight. I’ve just gotten sober recently,’ and I don’t even know what I said. What I did was I out-answered his inappropriate questions. If the question was inappropriate the answer was worse and that’s what we got into. That’s what he was like and that aspect of him is partly what made him great. He never gave up. He was going to take control of that evening or establish that he could if he wanted to and I was newly sober and super alert.

FOX411: You cared for your dad Eddie Fisher in his final years, even though he was a questionable father, and your relationship was very much you being the maternal figure.

Fisher: But it was still a relationship, and who says things have to go the way they’re prescribed. Again we’re talking about a not ordinary situation. Just find a way to make it work and it was not going to work as long as I expected him to act like my Daddy and as soon as it turned into this, someone who was caring for someone, he was so grateful and loving and that was the way it arranged itself.

FOX411 : Many might say you could have easily could have turned your back on him …

Fisher:  Then I don’t get to feel good. My brother does not like our Dad and I think that’s unpleasant for him and I got to and he loved me, man did he loved me. As soon as our relationship worked into this. I mean he always loved us because we were fun people but also demanding of him in a way he couldn’t fulfill because he didn’t have the skills. He was a spoilt pampered little kid. He was fucked up as you can get but a sweet man. He wasn’t cruel. He had a kind heart. He was just an irresponsible druggie kid, manic-depressive.

FOX411:  You were the spokeswoman for Jenny Craig. How much did you lose?

Fisher: Fifty pounds. I’m still on the program but I’m not still losing weight. It got to a certain point where if I was going to lose five more pounds they would have to cut off a leg.

FOX411:  Are you happy with the way you look now?

Fisher:  No!

FOX411:  Why?

Fisher:  Because I’m 55.

FOX411:  Was it worse shooting the "before" ads?

Fisher:  Oh my God. It had just become awful to be me and I didn’t even know I had looks to lose, that’s how stupid I was. That’s what I’ve gotten out of this. Oh look if I hold my face a certain way now that I’m 55, I’m pretty. One never knew. Because my mother was beautiful and had a really good relationship with her appearance. My relationship with my appearance was estranged.

FOX411:  How’s your relationship with your daughter?

Fisher:  It’s great, but you know, she’s had some trouble. She’s not had an easy time having me as a mother. That’s the biggest regret of my life. But I was pretty good before she became a teenager and then it got trickier. When my daughter was born to until she was 14, I just stayed with my daughter. I just hovered around like some ridiculously dressed angel. But my daughter is the best of girls and she has forgiven me. She forgives me automatic on the bi-polar but the other stuff is not easy and that’s understandable. I put it in the book because basically the message is, how I feel is more important to me than how you do and that’s not true.

FOX411: Does it bother you that when you die the Oscar memorial montage is going to have you in the Princess Leia outfit?

Fisher:  If I let that bother me I’m an idiot and though I’ve behaved idiotically at times that’s something I’ve come to terms with.

FOX411:  There could be worse things.

Fisher:  How about World War II? How about cancer? How about anything? The problems I have are a very nosebleed high.