Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado wants everyone to know she is more than just a pretty face.

The Venezuelan model and actress told a Mexican radio station that her twitter post in which she called for "peace between the Chinas," referring to North and South Korea was misunderstood.

“I said it in a very colloquial way and people misunderstood me,” E!Latino reports Machado saying. “Obviously, I know there is a bombing going on between North and South Korea. When I said the ‘Chinas,’ I was referring to the Asian continent.”

Machado, who was crowned Miss Universe in 1996 and is the only Miss Universe winner to pose nude for the Mexican edition of Playboy, also mentioned how she is far from being “dumb.”

“I speak three languages and have two university degrees, besides being Miss Universe 14 years ago,” Machado said in the interview. “Dumb, I am not.”

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The Venezuelan beauty closed her twitter account due to harassment from an overload of insulted fans.

Machado’s farewell twitter post expressed how there were too many “psychopaths on the account” forcing her to begin a new one.

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