FNM Exclusive: You Won't Believe How Victoria's Secret Model Flavia Lucini Was Discovered

As far as we're concerned, Victoria's Secret model Flavia Lucini has the most unlikely discovery story of any model we've ever interviewed.

"I was riding a tractor," the Brazilian beauty told FNM.

"Yeah. I'm from a little village in Brazil, and I was riding a tractor with my dad," she adds. "And this scouter, he passed by [in a] bus, and he saw me driving this tractor."

The Brazilian brunette beauty clearly sees the humor in (and rarity of) her situation, too. In our exclusive video interview above, she can't stop herself from giggling as she recounts the story for our cameras.

In any case, it's a good thing that a modeling scout happened to pass by Lucini on that fateful day in Brazil. Otherwise, we would've been denied her turn in the most recent Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in New York.

"Wow, I was so nervous beforehand," remembers Lucini of the show, telling us she utilized meditation techniques to calm her nerves. "My friend showed me how to breathe, to make myself more calm … So I was trying just to enjoy the moment and have fun, and when I [stepped on the runway], I was like, 'OK, that's my moment. I will enjoy it.'" (For the record, we all enjoyed , too.)

Watch the rest of Lucini's interview above, and then scope out some of her latest modeling campaigns and Instagram snapshots below. We're pretty sure you'll agree that you, too, would've spotted her from a moving bus.