FNM Exclusive: 'Satisfaction' Star Stephanie Szostak Reveals Her Character's Motivation For Cheating

Is it possible for a married couple to have a fulfilling relationship when they're both getting some extra lovin' on the side? Tough to say, but it's an interesting theme for Grace and Neil Truman to explore on USA's sexy series, titled "Satisfaction."

Now in its second season, "Satisfaction" follows the story of the Trumans after a traumatic life event rocks their world: specifically, Neil's discovery of Grace's affair with a male prostitute.

"It's a show about a woman who had everything she's ever wanted," says Stephanie Szostak, who plays Grace Truman. "[She] was a mother and a wife, but she identified herself as only those two things. And all of a sudden, she woke up and she felt lost. She didn't know who she was, besides being a mom and a wife.

"And I thought, 'That's something that happens to a lot of women.' I was curious to see where it was going to go," she adds.

On the series, however, we happen to know how this goes for Grace: She acts out her desires with another man — and that only motivates her husband Neil (played by Matt Passmore) to turn the tables and become a gigolo himself.

"It really touches on interesting themes, you know?" says Szostak in an exclusive interview with FNM. "Can sexually liberate somebody? Can sexual experimentation lead to empowerment? Can what happens, outside of marriage, in a bed — can that translate into your everyday life, and make you somebody who, all of a sudden, is more confident?"

For Grace Truman, the answer to those questions is yes — even if it means she has to deal with some unsavory side effects along the way.

"I think she's not living an authentic life, and that's what leads her to follow her impulse," says Szostak. "Her impulse is sexual. And she finds this man, and it awakens everything inside of her.

"The question is, will she be able to come back from that and lead a more authentic life?"

For more from Szostak, as well as clips from USA's steamy series "Satisfaction," watch the rest of our exclusive interview above.