FNM Exclusive: Charlotte McKinney Embraces Being a 'Beautiful Curvy Girl' for GUESS

Blonde bombshell Charlotte McKinney has truly taken the modeling world by storm, so it's almost unthinkable to learn that nobody wanted to sign her when she was starting out in Miami.

"A lot of agencies weren't taking me, so I started putting a lot of material online and Instagram, and shooting a bunch," she tells FNM in our exclusive video interview. "And then I finally got an agent, and it kind of went from there."

We'll say. McKinney went on to appear in one of the most talked-about Super Bowl commercials of the year, became a contestant on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," and followed it up with a wildly successful campaign for GUESS lingerie and swimwear.

"Making it as a GUESS Girl, for me, was huge," she admits, adding that GUESS never once tried to "tone down" her look, unlike other brands. "With GUESS, I could just really be myself, and show my curves and show my chest more. Feeling more comfortable … it was great. It really helped me shine more."

(We bet those agencies in Miami are kicking themselves right about now.)

For more from McKinney, including shots from her sizzling new GUESS campaigns, be sure to watch her entire interview above.