FNM Exclusive: Buzz Aldrin Is 'Totally Convinced' We Should Live on Mars, and Here's Why

If it wasn't obvious from his choice of shirt, Buzz Aldrin really thinks mankind should make its way to Mars.

The famed astronaut has always been eager to see the space program extend its reach to the Red Planet (he even came up with a timeline to get us there by 2035), but he's also very vocal about why the human race should go there — and stay there.

"It is more easily made into a home for people for long time, than the moon is," Aldrin told Fox News Magazine in an exclusive interview. "It probably had oceans that somehow froze over, and the atmosphere thinned out. But at least there is some pressure. And there's probably — maybe, maybe not — signs of previous life."

Aldrin didn't say whether he himself would be up for the trip, although we can't imagine he'd pass up the opportunity. At the age of 86, he ventured all the way to Antarctica just to see what the environment might be like on Mars, although his trip was sadly cut short to due to altitude sickness:

Nevertheless, Adrin's sights remain squarely on Mars. As he tells FNM, he's also thought of a great way to cut costs on any future Mars missions: Don't bring any of the astronauts home.

Watch the clip above to hear more of Aldrin's ideas, then click here to get one of those "Get Your Ass to Mars" t-shirts, because you know you want one.