FNM Exclusive: Actress Abigail Spencer Explains Why 'Rectify' is the Best Show on TV

Sundance TV's "Rectify" is about as addictive as TV gets, thanks in no small part to performances from critically acclaimed actors like Abigail Spencer.

Now entering its third season, "Rectify" tells the story of Amantha Holden (Spencer) and her brother Daniel Holden (Aden Young), the former of which helped free the latter from Death Row after nearly 20 years of trying. The two now live in their old hometown, each slowly adjusting to life with a sibling they've barely known for almost two decades. (And yes, Spencer's character is named Amantha, with a "th.")

"I find 'Rectify' to be a completely unique drama," says Spencer, who was nominated for a Critics' Choice Television Award for her work. "It's an immersive experience. It's not in a hurry to tell the story, and it really is happening in real time."

Spencer also says fans can expect more of the show's "amazingness" this season.

"I would say of all the shows on TV right now, it's the best acting, writing, directing that I've seen in a really long time."

For more from Spencer, including clips from her show "Rectify," be sure to watch the rest of FNM's exclusive interview above.