Rachel Uchitel, the former VIP hostess linked to Tiger Woods in 123,456 news articles in 2010, said she was looking forward to watching "Celebrity Rehab" with Leif Garrett at her apartment and “stuffing (her) face with cookies” when we called her.

Say what?

Uchitel and fellow "Rehab’er" Garrett, who was arrested on February 3, 2010, for heroin possession, have “no relationship," she told FOX411.com in an exclusive interview. But the Garrett name-drop wasn’t the only surprising thing she told us in a wide-ranging year-end interview. She told us her Christmas plans, her New Year's resolutions, and you’ll never believe her new career move.

FOX411: So what's new?

Rachel Uchitel: I decided to go back to school and get my private investigation license! I’ve learned to shoot a weapon. I had to Taser someone the other day. I had to get pepper sprayed, so I know what the effects are—so much fun! I had the best time ever! I’ve already gone under cover, I’ve done process serving. In court, we actually do real stuff for the investigator who’s teaching or class, so it’s very cool.

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FOX411: So how does someone react when Rachel Uchitel serves them with legal papers?

Rachel: For the most part, if someone is in trouble with the law, they’re usually not watching "Celebrity Rehab!" No, I just knock on somebody’s door. But if anyone were to recognize me, it would take them a minute because it would be so out of context.

FOX411: Are you going to start your own agency?

Rachel: I’m going to work under my professor, Dale Gustafson, who runs DGA Detectives. I will take the test and actually be able to open up my own business under Dale’s license with him as a mentor until I get the hours under my belt to get my own license. Having my own detective agency would be something I’d love to do. I’m actually trying to convince some of my friends to invest in cadaver dogs and come down with me on vacation to Orlando to search for a missing girl. I’ve been obsessed with finding missing people for so long.

FOX411: This must be interesting for men who start to date you—learning that you’re fascinated by this world.

Rachel: Well, I’ve gone on a date with two separate guys since I started school. They didn’t really make it to a second date. The funny thing is, every single time I go out on a date, my class is so excited because we do a whole background check on the guy! We spend the entire four hours of the afternoon class doing a background check on the guy I’m having a date with.

FOX411: What would be a deal-breaker for you if you found something in a background check?

Rachel: Obviously, if they’re dating somebody or married. If somebody lied to me about anything, I wouldn’t date them. Another deal-breaker is somebody who is not self-aware. I’d rather date someone from AA, who can stand up and share about their life, instead of a guy who claims to be normal, well-adjusted and super-chill—but instead, has no empathy.

FOX411: So you’re still in treatment?

Rachel: Yes. I’m seeing a love addiction specialist; I’m also seeing Dr. Drew (Pinsky) once a week and I’m seeing (certified addiction specialist) Bob Forrest once a week.

FOX411: It sounds like therapy has changed you.

Rachel: This is how my life is: On Wednesdays, I go to school all day, I come home, and then our show is on. I was on the phone with Leif Garrett the other night for, like, 10 hours, as he’s baking cookies! He’s baking cookies so that he can bring them over to my apartment so that we can watch the show and eat cookies! That’s how my life is—so dorky! I prefer to sit on the couch, my hair in a ponytail, no make-up on, with Leif Garrett, stuffing my face with cookies and laughing about the show. That to me is a perfect evening. There’s no relationship with Leif—I don’t want people to read into that. It’s a friendship and it’s so fun. I’ve learned to really appreciate the people I’ve allowed in my life.

FOX411: Would you say you’re happier now?

Rachel: I feel happier. I’m definitely lonelier on occasions, but it’s by choice, so I’m OK with that. I was thinking about that the other night when I went to sleep. I was like, “God, I wonder if I ever will share my bed with somebody again? I wonder if I’ll ever feel comfortable enough to let someone into my life.” Who knows? I hope there’ll be somebody to fill that role, but right now, I’m choosing to go to sleep alone.

FOX411: Do you ever think you can get serious with someone again?

Rachel: I hope so! I would love to be dating somebody, but I’m not. It’s hard to find somebody who can be accepting of all the stuff that they’ve read and choose to be with me for who I really am. Obviously, there are a lot of guys that are kind of around, but… it’s more my fault than anyone else’s. I guess I’m kind of scared of dating!

FOX411: Where do you think you might find a new guy?

Rachel: Who knows! But if you find somebody, give them my number! I just want to meet a nice guy. Honestly, I have a blind date on New Year’s Eve.

FOX411: Oh my goodness! Tell me more! Who set it up for you? Are you nervous?

Rachel: I’m not nervous. A mutual friend set us up. He’s an older guy, who used to be a bottle service customer of mine. A very fun, normal guy. He’s married and he and his wife have a friend who’s going to be visiting down in Florida, and he called me and said, “Hey listen, I know this is really random, but I don’t have a date for New Year’s, and our mutual friend said that we’d be a great couple, and I know this is totally bizarre, but I’d love to take you out on New Year’s.” So we’re going on a double date. I think it’ll be really fun! We’ve only spoken once on the phone, but what’s fun about it is he seems to really get it, we’re both like, “Listen, if there’s no love connection, awesome—let’s just have a really fun time with no pressure.” And if we do kiss at midnight—great! If not, it’s not a big deal. I’ve seen his picture, he’s very good-looking.

FOX411: Well, that helps!

Rachel: Well, no. It usually means that it’s harder for them to have a good personality because they’ve spent their whole life just having to get by on their looks. I tend to like guys who aren’t as beautiful on the outside. I like a more rugged type—I like a man!

FOX411: Do they have to be tall?

Rachel: No. They can look however they want—I’m not attracted to looks—I’m attracted to personality. This guy happens to be really good-looking—and tall!

FOX411: What do you do for fun?

Rachel: I love to do country dancing! So, when I go to Vegas, my friends and I meet up and go county dancing! I want to meet a nice cowboy—that would be my dream! I’m so into it, you have no idea. We go to Stoney’s. If and when I ever get engaged, I’m renting out Stoney’s! I own three pairs of cowboy boots, I have a serious belt buckle and I wear a cowboy hat!

FOX411: Christmas is coming up, I was wondering what was on your Christmas list this year.

Rachel: Nothing. I don’t really get presents for Christmas. I don’t spend Christmas with anybody—at least, the last couple of years I haven’t. My dog, Rudy Giuliani, had an operation to remove his spleen. He had cancer. I’m going to spend Christmas literally by myself in Vegas with my dogs.

FOX411: Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?

Rachel: Yes! To live somewhere where I feel settled. Right now I have a home in New York, Las Vegas and LA. I’m all over the place. I’d really like to end next year knowing where I’m going to live and be happy where I’m living—feeling settled. I’d also like to have someone to share my life with. That would be amazing.