“Jackass 3D” is chock full of all the stunts, pranks and skits one could possibly imagine, from stars being launched in the air in a port-a-potty to a jet engine taking out several cast members to playing tetherball with a beehive instead of a ball.

But it turns out there is one thing ringleader Stephen “Steve-O” Glover is too scared to do, and no amount of fame or fortune could have convinced him otherwise.

"Recently the folks from VH1 reached out to me and tried to get me to do a dating show, like ‘Rock of Love,’ and that's where I draw the line,” Steve-O told Pop Tarts. “I'm not going to let 30 chicks tell the world how....”

Okay, we get the picture.

Mind you, this latest installment of the 10-year-old “Jackass” franchise, which started as an MTV series before being made into four feature films, is actually the first time Steve-O has undergone filming sober.

“He pretty much ruined it for the rest of us,” co-star Dave England laughed, adding there that no alcohol was allowed while Steve-O was on set.

(Preston Lacy added that the first time in 10 years Steve-O asked him how he was happened to also be the first time he saw him sober – in January.)

As you can expect with anything that has the words “Jackass” in the title, injuries during filming were plentful.

"I blew out my knee, broke my back and ripped my tooth out.  So just standard stuff,” star Ehren McGhehey said.

Yep, sounds like another day at the office.