EXCLUSIVE Kat Von D. Talks About Being a Sex Symbol

Kat Von D is certainly something of an enigma – and while her excessively tattooed look may intimidate some, to millions of men she’s the hottest thing in Hollywood.

“It’s a little hard to believe, but I guess it could be a positive thing,” she told Tarts during our exclusive interview. “I am happy that people like diversity. For women, a lot of it has to do with how you carry yourself. You can be heavily tattooed and still carry yourself in a feminine way.”

But Miss Von D’s sex symbol status is a far cry from her tortured teenage years.

“I remember junior high years were really difficult – I felt like an alien because I was different. Artistically my brain was on another level and I looked different,” she said. “Social circles are weird and even as adults, people judge you about how you look and I’ve learned just not to care. I am just a big nerd. People think I am this huge rocker chic, but I am really just a softy at heart. I like to read a lot; I like to play classical music.”

So perhaps it is her relationship with Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx that has helped heal those high school wounds, as the two spend their private time together studying the art of self-help.

“I learn so much from him – this is the most fruitful relationship I have ever had. We read a lot together and we are really into self-help books and wisdom books and it’s cool – I am constantly learning from him,” the “LA Ink” starlet explained. “We are big fans of the ‘Four Agreements’, ‘A New Earth’ and we just finished Dr. Drew’s new book which has made the most impact on me recently. He talks about narcissism and healthy ways to handle it.  But (being in the public eye) is difficult – anybody who says it’s not is lying. Especially being in a relationship with someone who is also in the limelight makes it hard not to pay attention to some of the public’s feedback.”

And should you choose to pay the big bucks for Kat in run a needle through your flesh in the name of art; you can probably expect a free therapy session too.

“I love the connection with my clients and hearing their stories, learning from them and hearing what is important to them. I like diving into deep emotions,” she said. “I am challenging people, women especially to think outside the box. I think people in general are scared to express themselves whether through makeup or music, so it is really cool when I meet other women and they thank me for making them feel normal. It is something I battle with …”

But as a true artist in the form of tattooing, is Kat a little put off by the fact that in recent times tattoos have become more of a Tinseltown fashion statement than a reflection of individual expression?

“I think anytime there is a celeb or anyone in the limelight people are going to follow. Megan Fox is one of them but before that there was Angelina Jolie, Britney, Drew Barrymore who were the major big stars with tattoos – I think it’s good. It’s a representation of how you can be feminine and beautiful and look however you want to look,” Von D added. “But I usually try to talk people out of getting tattoos that celebs have, I think tattoos [are] all about individuality. People bring in pics of Pam Anderson with the barbed wire, but I like to encourage individuality.”