Eva Longoria 'In Tears' Over Obama Re-election, Celebs React to Election Night

As President Barack Obama won another term in the White House as commander-in-chief, celebrities took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the tight Presidential race on Tuesday night.

Actress, producer and chair of the Obama campaign Eva Longoria was ecstatic feeling thrilled that her efforts in getting Latinos to vote paid off in “moving the country forward.”

“Me and my friends celebrating! I'm on tears!” she tweeted. She followed it with another tweet congratulating the President for his acceptance speech.

“Amazing speech by @BarackObama re-elected for his 2nd term! America is and can be united for the greater good of all Americans!”

Fellow Latina and judge on “The X Factor” Demi Lovato was also happy that Obama earned another four more years as President.

“Tonight is a good night for women. Proud to be a WOMAN IN AMERICA!!!” she posted on her Twitter account.

“Glee” actress Naya Rivera congratulated Obama because “A BOSS always wins.”

And then there was Jennifer Lopez, who took to Twitter all of Tuesday urging her “#LOVE!RS,” as she calls her fans, in both English and Spanish to go vote.

As Fox News Latino reported on Tuesday, it was a hard-won second victory for President Barack Obama, who was neck-and-neck in the polls as election season came down to the wire.

Obama, who made history in 2008 when he became the first U.S. president with African heritage, tried to hold onto the Oval office amid one of the most bitterly partisan, and tough economic times in the country.

It was also an election in which Latinos and their interests and concerns got more attention than ever – in the media, and by conservative and liberal politicians alike (though not always in a positive way).

The Obama campaign warned that his GOP challenger, Mitt Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, would push policies that would favor the rich at the expense of the middle-class and low-income Americans. Obama warned Latinos that a Romney presidency would be hostile to immigrants and Latinos.