Ellen DeGeneres feared her voice would change before 'Finding Dory'

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Amid all of our excitement for "Finding Dory," Ellen DeGeneres is just happy she found her voice!

The comedian plays the leading fish in the highly anticipated "Finding Nemo" sequel -- 13 years after the original film -- and ET got an exclusive look into the recording booth with the cast, where DeGeneres told us she's so thankful her vocal cords have held up.

"I was worried my voice would start changing, and I couldn't be Dory anymore," she shared. "So, I'm hoping my voice doesn't change too much more if we do another sequel to this!"

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While DeGeneres has long advocated for a follow-up to the classic Pixar film, she said a movie centered around her character was pleasant and unexpected.

"I was campaigning for a sequel to 'Finding Nemo,' I didn't think it would be Finding Dory," the 58-year-old talk show host revealed. "So, that was a surprise."

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And this time around, there's more fish in the sea!