Elizabeth Hurley's Swimsuit Line, David Beckham's Sexy New Honorific, and Much, Much More

Here's what all the hubbub's about:

• On Tuesday, "Royals" actress Elizabeth Hurley announced that her beachwear company, Elizabeth Hurley Beach, had recently joined Instagram, which is where we found the above photo of Hurley modeling her Atlantis One-Piece and looking as youthful as ever. In related news, Elizabeth Hurley is an ageless warlock-woman.

• Speaking of Hurley, we once had the opportunity to ask the "Royals" actress how she keeps her skin so young and fresh. And not only was she willing to spill her secrets, but she had some pretty amazing advice! Watch the video below to hear what it was, but only once you're done ogling the above swimsuit pic. (Take your time.)

• As revealed on Tuesday night's episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," retired soccer star David Beckham has been chosen as People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive for 2015 (below). So now, as is customary, the Sexiest Man Alive of 2014 (Chris Hemsworth) shall instinctively begin his slow march from Hollywood to an elephants' graveyard in Tarzana.

• According to star and producer Vin Diesel, the people behind the "Fast and Furious" franchise are planning to develop a whole series of prequels, spin-offs, and standalone films based on its characters. So apparently, Diesel and the other producers don't remember trying and failing at this exact same plan back in 2001, when they called it "Tokyo Drift."

• The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has chosen Jamie Foxx's daughter Corrine Foxx to serve as Miss Golden Globe at 2016's annual awards ceremony (below). It's an honor so prestigious, and so coveted, that Corrine literally admitted to having to Google a bunch of stuff about Miss Golden Globe just to find out more about it.

• In a new episode of OWN's "Oprah's Master Class" series, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson admitted to battling severe depression in his early 20s when his plans for a football career didn't pan out. He eventually beat the blues by reinventing himself as a wrestler, and not by beating the concept of depression itself into a bloody pulp of viscera and bone fragments, as we would've first assumed.

• Netflix has released a new trailer for "A Very Murray Christmas," its upcoming holiday special starring Bill Murray, as himself, trying to organize a televised holiday special (below). For some reason, though, this special seems to take place in an alternate reality where Bill Murray doesn't have the enormous clout to pull that off:

• In an interview with HitFix, former 007 actor Pierce Brosnan described the newest Bond film "Spectre" as "kind of weak," and added that it "went on too long" for his liking. However, it's quite possible that Brosnan might just be jealous that he never got to film an overly long, ultimately predictable car chase through Rome.

• And finally, British recording artist Adele has released "When We Were Young," the second single from her forthcoming third album. She also shared a live video performance of the song on YouTube (embedded below) although we're not yet certain if it's supposed to serve as the song's official music video, or merely a placeholder until she films something much more depressing.