Eli Young Band: Go ahead and ask if they got 'Drunk Last Night'

FOX411 Country caught up with the Eli Young Band at the Hard Rock Resort in the Dominican Republic on Super Bowl Sunday, where the chart-topping group kicked off a series of "Live Country Experience” shows featuring acts and events from the Big Machine record group at various vacation destinations.

In a halftime interview, lead singer Mike Eli, guitarist James Young, bass player Jon Jones and drummer Chris Thompson talked about the March 4 release of their new album "10,000 Towns," -- available for pre-order Tuesday on iTunes -- dealing with the challenges of success, and why it's okay for people to ask the band that sings "Drunk Last Night" if they indeed had a few drinks last night.

FOX411: Tell us more about the music that went into the new album.

Eli Young Band: This is probably the funnest record we've ever made. We've always been the kind of band that focused on the live show. And more than any record we've made, this is that album. We could play this album beginning to end and make a really fun show out of it. And I think that's why we picked the songs we did.

FOX411: You're already touring, so will you go into different venues to promote the new album?

EYB: We're in the middle of the Darius Rucker tour, the True Believers tour, through the end of May. And then we're going to start the Jake Owen tour. So it will be a full year of touring. And Jake, we absolutely love playing with him, our music and his music do really well together, as well as Darius So it's going to be a really fun year. We also get to back to Australia again, in March. And we loved playing there.

FOX411: Is appearing in places like the Dominican Republic part of the effort to broaden your audience?

EYB: This is a partnership with Hard Rock and our record label, and radio stations are involved, which is something country music does better than any other genre. For country music, radio is really key. That's where you really get out in front of people. The Hard Rock's a great brand in America. We're a country band, but we look on the walls, we see the pictures. Those are our idols as well. Our live show is probably more rock than country, so it's a great fit.

FOX411: How does it feel to have a big hit like "Drunk Last Night" out in advance of the album? Does that add pressure?

EYB: Yes, there was some pressure with this record. We've just had so much success, "Drunk Last Night," "Even if it Breaks Your Heart," and "Crazy Girl" before that. But still, it was a fun record. We're all just so excited about the new record, just every song on there.

We're in that weird period, when we're done with the record, but before the record comes out ... the world hasn't heard it yet. The reviews will come out, right now we have this nervous energy, because we want all of our fans to hear it. We've had to keep it to ourselves, and we can't wait for people to hear it.

FOX411: Some of you are family men now, young fathers, which you talked about during the show. How do you balance the demands of work and family?

EYB: The hardest part about what we do is figuring out the touring, the fans, and finding time to be able to be home. We've been able to reprioritize our lives so that we don't necessarily go out for two months on the road. We used to be of the mindset that that was okay, and that's what we needed to do.

We're good dads. And at the same time realizing we are musicians and we do have to go out on the road and get that music out there. Finding that happy medium is somewhat difficult sometimes. At the end of the day you have to remember that you have this really great job.

Getting on stage is just as much fun as it ever was, maybe even better ... It reminds us what we do what we do. It's for our families. It's not a selfish thing, like maybe it was in college. We're seeing the bigger picture.

FOX411: Do you ever get tired of people asking if you did, in fact, get drunk last night?

EYB: Well, some days we do still so. We're getting older, and we have to choose our battles. But last night, yeah, we can say we definitely got a little drunk ... Thank goodness we didn't have cell service here, so we couldn't text anybody.