Donald Trump banned from Seth Meyer's 'Late Night'

Seth Meyers is taking a stand. The "Late Night" host announced Tuesday night that he is banning Donald Trump from his NBC talk show.

On Monday, June 13, Trump revoked The Washington Post's press credentials, after the paper reported that Trump had suggested President Obama sympathized with terrorist.

"Sure, Trump didn't explicitly say it," Meyers reasoned. "He implied it with all the subtlety of an eighth grader's cologne."

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"But Trump's vague innuendo is no accident. This is a strategy he uses to try to appeal to the outer fringes while also avoiding accountability," the host continued, adding that as long as the Post was banned from Trump's campaign, Trump was banned from "Late Night."

However, we doubt Meyers is losing any sleep over his decision. In a recent interview with TVInsider, Meyers was asked why Trump hadn't appeared on "Late Night" and said: "We had him on the books, but he had to cancel for a reason well within the realm of why candidates would cancel, so we didn't take it personally. Since then, I've gotten the sense that he doesn't need to come on my show. [Laughs]"