Disney starlet Bella Thorne scored a major modeling gig as the new face of Candie’s, but are her new sultry photos—in a fringe bikini—inappropriate for a 16 year old?

Candie's isn't selling clothes, it's selling sex and teaching young girls to act seductively,” Katie Yoder, of the Culture and Media Institute, told FOX411. “Thorne sends the message that being feminine has nothing to do with being genuine and that confidence means popping your hips and shaking your butt.

In one photo, Thorne shows off her backside in string-bikini bottom. In another, she wears a pink lace bra and white shorts.

But Yoder argued that it’s Thorne’s sexy expressions that really push the limit.

“Candie's lives up to its name by focusing its ads on eye candy,” she said. “The ad isn't inappropriate because of the clothing (bikinis are nothing new); but rather how the garments are worn.”

Still, the Twitterverse seemed unfazed by the seductive pics and chose to praise the young starlet, calling her ads “sexy” and “hot.”

“YOU ARE SO SEXY AND BEAUTIFUL BELLA,” one fan tweeted. Another wrote, “You are so perfect. Beautiful, sexy, stunning, amazing, funny = Bella Perfect Thorne.”

Meanwhile, Emma K. Viglucci, Relationship Expert of MetroRelationship.com, said the ads can have a negative impact on Thorne's young fans.

Candie's states on their website that their brand is primarily aimed at "Juniors, ages 13-24" and "Girls, ages 7-12."

"Using sex or one's body as a lure is not an appropriate message for young girls... Sex, body and appearance are not talents or strengths that build a girl's image of herself or empower her to make a difference. The opposite is actually true," Viglucci explained.

Disney declined to comment to FOX411, while reps for Candie's did not immediately return a request for comment.