Demi Lovato's Bikini Backside, Snooki's Motherly Wisdom, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening out there:

As evidenced by an Instagram photo she posted on Saturday, Demi Lovato is quite proud of both her dog and her butt (below). But probably moreso her butt, because she couldn't even be bothered to upload a photo dog where her dog wasn't blinking.

After giving birth, "Jersey Shore" star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi ditched her hard-partying past for a more (but not entirely) domestic existence. She details how she did it in her book "Baby Bumps," but you can watch the video above to hear it in Snooki's own (extremely colorful) words.

This past Saturday via Instagram, "X-Men" actor Hugh Jackman strongly suggested that his next turn as Wolverine will be his last, posting a photo of his iconic claws and writing, "WOLVERINE ... ONE LAST TIME." And we don't blame him: It must be really hard to wipe with those things.

Angelina Jolie and daughters Shiloh and Zahara arrived for Nickelodeon's 2015 Kids' Choice Awards on Saturday, where Jolie won the Best Movie Villain award for her work in "Maleficent." But just like the Academy voters in February, the nation's children failed to award Jolie anything for her nuanced directorial efforts on "Unbroken."

On Sunday, Carrie Underwood shared the first real photo of her newborn son Isaiah Michael (below), complete with a tiny hockey stick branded with the logo of his father's NHL team. So unless he grows up to sing like an absolute angel, his career path has already been chosen.

Jamie Foxx is currently under fire for an offensive one-liner he made at Sunday's iHeartRadio Awards, where he joked that Bruce Jenner would be performing "a his-and-her duet all by himself." And we're doubly offended, because not only was it insensitive, but Bruce Jenner doesn't even sing, so that joke doesn't make a lick of sense. What kind of idiots does Jamie Foxx take us for??!?

The first trailer for Jake Gyllenhaal's new boxing movie "Southpaw" debuted late last week (below), and it proceeds to give away every major plot point in just two and a half minutes. On second thought, that's not entirely true: We still don't know which brand of creatine powder Jake's character prefers. Head to theaters this summer to find out!

Leonard Nimoy's son, Adam Nimoy, is planning to produce a documentary about his father's career called "For the Love of Spock." The film will be narrated by new Spock actor Zachary Quinto, probably because everybody's first choice, Leonard Nimoy, was unavailable at the time.

54-year-old "Veep" actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus told New Beauty magazine that aging on "a public stage" is "odd," and both "challenging and difficult." But this is Julia Louis-Dreyfus we're talking about; the woman hasn't aged a day since "Seinfeld." So just imagine how odd, challenging and difficult aging is going to be for all of us. 

Monday morning on Twitter, "Daily Show" correspondent Trevor Noah confirmed that he'll officially replace John Stewart as the show's host later this year. But then again, our cousin Jack once falsely claimed he was going to clean up his act in a recent tweet, so who knows if Noah's statement holds any veracity yet.

According to a snapshot shared by Miley Cyrus on Sunday, she and her assistant each got matching tattoos reading "BIEWTY" (below). And, as anyone with a brain can clearly see, Miley's new ink is a visual metaphor for how our imperfections make us truly beautiful. Either that, or she was just bored and out of ideas, which is also (and always) a good guess.

And finally, the family of late comedian Robin Williams has begun court proceedings over a discrepancy in his will, with both his children and his widow suing each other over his estate. It's truly a sad story, but we can't help but think of what a great Robin WIlliams movie this would make, with Williams playing the attorney secretly representing both sides by disquising himself as a boisterous Southern lawyer.