Debi Mazar Plays an Entirely New Kind of Character on TV Land's 'Younger'

Debi Mazar has been a staple of our favorite movies and TV shows for decades, but on TV Land's new series "Younger," she plays a whole new kind of character.

"She's a lot of fun," Mazar says of Maggie, who convinces her friend Liza (played by Sutton Foster) to lie about her age in order to snag a promising job. "She's different from other characters I've played in the sense that she isn't, like, the power lady in the suit. She's super, super easy-going and nice."

From the sound of it, Mazar's role on "Younger" is also a welcome departure for the accomplished actress. "Maggie is full of life," Mazar adds. "She's an artist, she's gay, she's just a great listener … and a lot of my characters are not."

For more from Mazar — and what she'd do differently if she could relive her twenties — check out our exclusive interview above.