'Death Wish' trailer starring Bruce Willis slammed as 'racist,' 'alt-right'

Eli Roth's remake of the 1974 film "Death Wish" is causing a stir, and it's not even in theaters yet.

The trailer for the Bruce Willis-starring flick dropped Thursday, prompting some to call out the movie for being "racist" and "alt-right fan fiction."

Willis stars as Dr. Paul Kersey, a surgeon-turned-vigilante who makes it his life mission to hunt down the people who killed his wife and raped his daughter. He also takes it upon himself to clean up crime in Chicago.

GQ magazine called "Death Wish" "the most tone-deaf film of the year."

"In moving the setting [from New York] to Chicago, a city where gun violence is both well-documented and highly politicized, and setting the trailer to 'Back in Black', the remake tips its hand: 2017's 'Death Wish' comes off as a work of cowardice and opportunism, piggybacking off hard-right fear-mongering and a government that's completely and utterly disingenuous in its rhetoric about violent crime when nationwide, crime rates —despite rises in cities thanks to mass shootings like the Pulse massacre in Orlando—remain historically low," Joshua Rivera wrote in GQ.

A critic for Salon wrote, "The glamorization of high-capacity firearms is fundamentally troubling in an age where white men (and boys) use them again and again to take what they see as revenge on society."

Twitter users echoed the film critics' critique of Roth's film.

However, some fans felt the uproar was unwarranted.

Reps for Willis and Roth did not return Fox News' request for comment.