'Deadpool 2' final trailer teases X-Force mutants, battle with Cable

20th Century Fox released the final trailer for “Deadpool 2,” the follow up to the massively successful 2016 R-rated comic book film. In it, fans are given a brief rundown of the mutant heroes that will help the Merc with a Mouth take on his newest villain.

Previous trailers have revealed brief glimpses at what comic book fans recognize as the film’s adaptation of the X-Force. In the latest trailer, Deadpool himself calls on powered friends for help stopping a new threat, Cable, from capturing a young mutant with extraordinary powers.

First up, fans were introduced to Terry Crews’ Bedlam. According to The Hollywood Reporter, his comic book counterpart has the ability to disrupt electrical systems, allowing him to put his enemies to sleep or cause them pain without even touching them. However, given the character’s size and the really hard punch he delivers someone in the trailer, he may not need those powers so much.

Fans also get their first look at Shatterstar, who in the comics is an alien time traveler with a propensity to fight with swords in the most expert of fashions. Additionally, fans got a much better look at Zazie Beetz as Domino in action. The character’s mutant power is simply superior luck, which Deadpool argues isn’t a power. However, seeing brief clips of her battling it out with Cable and other baddies makes it clear that there’s more to her rabbit's-foot-like powers than meet the eye.

The trailers don’t offer much in the way of plot, but it seems like Deadpool will encounter the time-traveling Cable who is bent on killing a young boy. Not being one to let innocent people get hurt, the anti-hero takes up arms against Cable, who he cheekily refers to as Thanos from the Marvel Cinematic Universe of which Deadpool isn’t included.

“Deadpool 2” hits theaters May 18.

[Warning: this video contains graphic language and images.]